Ian’s career history is half journalism, half PR. After graduating as a journalist a long time ago in a galaxy far away, he had a stint on regional newspapers. He then moved to London to write on various trade mags including Marketing Week and Precision Marketing. After that came agency and in-house PR client service roles, including two years as Acxiom’s European comms manager.

Spare time is limited for Ian as he has three young daughters, but he loves writing fiction in his fleeting solitary moments and recently had a short story published in a fantasy/horror anthology.


  • Loves: Writing and learning new words, petrichor, Bolton Wanderers
  • Hates: Sushi, dogs, dog-shaped sushi
  •  Dream job: This! Or novelist
  • Talent: Making up words to fit crossword clues; calming down stroppy four and two year olds (usually by giving in)
  • Most famous person you’ve met: Gordon Brown
  • Unexpected fact: I can speak Russian
  • Acuity specialism: Running the business