The Acuitians tailor each campaign to your requirements to ensure they drive commercial returns. Whilst our campaigns are bespoke, they incorporate a number of tried and tested PR tactics.

Campaign management
Your campaign will have two phases:

  1. Establishing the foundations and framework, guaranteeing that what we propose fits with the internal marketing plan, and that the opinions and requirements of all relevant internal stakeholders are addressed
  2.  Content creation and activation, the part where we drive consistent high quality opportunities 

A comprehensive set of services
Like any full service PR agency we offer a full range of services which are listed below. 

We start by understanding your business, identifying where you fit within the current landscape, and devise a campaign that best meets your objectives. Our extensive process includes:
•    Competitor evaluation
•    Positioning and messaging workshops
•    Building out industry specialisms
•    Corporate profiling
•    Spokesperson training

Throughout our relationship, you will benefit from consistent access to senior counsel – because, to us, you matter.

Content and ideas creation
The Acuitians can – and do – write for our clients at all levels, from executive to CEO. We are all adept at ensuring our tone reflects your voice, and what we produce is suitable for the choice publication.

Expert Witness and Thought Leadership are at the heart of our campaigns. Although news will come and go, your opinions will always be there. We take great care tying our content into your sales objectives so that every piece resonates with your prospects.

Events Support
From press event creation/management and speaker programmes to exhibition/conference design and amplification, we have the capabilities to support your events activities – as much or as little as you need. 

Media relations
As you might expect, our little black books are brimming with industry contacts that we can tap into. More importantly, we have the ability to match the right publication – and journalist – to your stories.

We don’t:
•    Shoe-horn clients into the Press – we use our knowledge to find the right fit
•    Follow a scattergun approach
•    Compromise on quality – our contacts beyond the trade press are second to none

Sales and Marketing collateral
Our thorough understanding of our clients’ businesses has enabled to produce effective sales collateral to support their business objectives. This covers anything from white papers and internal communications to newsletters and copywriting. We’ve even built entire websites.  

Industry Introductions
We don’t just broker relationships with the Press at Acuity. Working closely with our sister agency Ingenuity, we can facilitate industry introductions that will deliver additional value to your brand.

Media training 
We have a comprehensive training programme to ensure that spokespeople are able to communicate your company story in a way that is understandable to the media, whilst ensuring that they deliver an in-depth market perspective. 

Social media 
Social media engagement is now fundamental to the success of a rounded communications strategy. We therefore integrate an audit as a core part of our approach, critically evaluating its value in comparison to other approaches.  

Owning an issue can be hard when everyone else is trying to do the same thing. To elevate the conversation and provide collateral for media, customer, prospect and internal engagement strategies, research provides the perfect platform.