What a week. With the final votes in and political leaders dropping like flies this has been one heck of a ride for everyone following the general election. We’ve witnessed all sorts, from comical memes through to viral videos and trending hashtags (#whyimvotingukip is a personal favourite), as the whole internet was brought to life with everyone throwing their thoughts into the mix.

The whole event reached fever pitch yesterday as people hit the polling stations and turned to social media to join the discussion- making it the most talked about event on the planet as the hashtag #Ivoted became top trend worldwide on Twitter.

But in what was deemed to be the “closest election for 70 years” the results seem to have turned out very differently to how we all expected. With countless surveys and polls telling us labour and conservative were neck and neck it seems pretty baffling that our predictions weren’t even close. So where are the surveys going wrong? What’s the point in all this polling if we’re only going to get it so wrong? As a society obsessed with data and statistics we’ve never known more about each other and yet it seems we’re more unpredictable than ever.

Does this mark a trend? Are we rising up against the institutions by lying to them? Or are we simply a generation that likes to change our minds? Who knows, but what is certain is that social media showed its true power in the fight for democracy. By giving us the platform we need to voice our opinions and enter online debates it seems the power really is in our hands as the parties struggle to keep up. So whilst the Conservatives may have walked away with the keys to number 10 today, there is no doubt the social media sphere will continue to knock on that door and make sure the voices of the people are heard.